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January 13, 2011

My vision board is working!

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Kind of!  I just got an email from a very good friend who used to work for me in the late nineties at my first job.  We had such an excellent working relationship.  He was very sharp and a great mentor.  He was trying to retire from the AF as a Master Sgt. when I first got there.  At the time, in that particular career field, we were like the red-headed stepchildren of the AF.  He definitely was not being recognized on how well he did his job.  I wanted him to compete for the Senior Non-Commission Officer award, but did not know how to write a competitive package.  He did write it and I convinced my boss to put him in.  He won at the flight, squadron, group and wing level against all the career fields.  I was so happy for him…wished I wrote the package.  We used to go to lunch at least three times a week.  Well, after he won, the squadron commander moved him to the commandant’s position at the Airman Leadership School.  I was so proud, but sad that my friend could not have lunch like we used to.  He retired three years later as a Senior Master Sgt.

Now, he is moving to a high-level position in Texas and practically offered me job as his deputy (GS-14).  The job is higher than my current position here.  It was so very tempting–but I am trying to go to Europe.  I think my sister would be an excellent fit.  However, I do not think she would leave Chicago even though the pay is 40% more than she is making.  I told him he better look me up in 2016!

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