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February 28, 2011

Big news

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I have finally found out where I am going!  No, it is not Europe.  I had to get over that dream.  I am going to San Antonio, TX.  I love San Antonio. I also know who my new boss is, who hired me rather quickly.  I like him a lot, he won a top AF-level award last year.   Very sharp guy!  I was loving the idea of going to Colorado Springs, but requested it too late.  Colorado would have been something new and fresh.  But apparently, it is a really popular assignment…got on the bandwagon pretty late.  Anywhoo, San Antonio was my first assignment in the Air Force, so I am going full circle.  I will have a $1200 a month pay cut. 😦  I had to get over that shock and see what my new budget will look like.  It will be an adjustment.  San Antonio has a pretty low cost of living.  I found a couple of houses online for $1100 on  2200 sq ft.  I have been lusting over a bedroom suite for the longest.  I need to make a list of things to buy before leaving here.

I also want to take a month off before reporting to the next assignment.  My replacement should be here in June.  I have been wanting to go to Thailand, Singapore and Italy before heading back home.  But I was hit with a $959 IRS tax bill!!!  Very annoyed about that.  That is the most I have ever owed to the government in my life.  So, that money impacts everything I want to do before, during and after my move.  Moving is expensive.  The good news is that my car is in Florida.  It has been sitting there for my parent’s use while they go on vacation–which is a couple times a year.

Look forward to the next chapter in life.  Loved the past four years overseas, though.

P.S.–My civilian did not win the big award on Saturday.  It was not as upsetting as last year for some reason.  Maybe because he was not here.  I am glad he went on vacation and is enjoying himself in California.


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