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March 18, 2011

Calamity in Asia

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I feel sad for Japan!  I know Japanese people are very resilient, self-reliant and disciplined.  The tsunami and earthquake footage is so unbelievable.  We are monitoring the situation in Japan, especially the nuclear scare.  Thankfully, when I called my old office, the Japanese Nationals I used to work with told me that their families are doing fine. 

I am looking forward to moving back to San Antonio.  Last night, I checked out some of the meetups that I may be interested in joining.  I must get back into dancing as soon as I settle down in SA.  I decided to visit Italy, Chicago and Florida before getting to Texas.  Tentatively, I booked my flight for 18-23 July to Rome.  Not sure how long I will stay in Chicago…maybe 4 days?  I will then fly to Florida (where my car is), visit my relatives for a couple of days and drive to San Antonio.  Can’t wait.

I am still lusting after a bedroom suite and a couple of other items.  I will get reimbursed for my plane ticket home, plus receive a dislocation allowance to cover first/last month’s rent.  It will be a money drain when I move. 

Pray for Japan…what a terrible event!

GI Jane


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