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April 2, 2011

The summer awaits

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I am gearing up for my move to San Antonio.  My boss finally approved my leave for 7-29 Jul.  I finally paid for my plane ticket to Italy.  I only have to book my trip to Chicago and Florida.  A good friend emailed me that he visits SA several times a month.  I also found out what my position will be.  It is somewhat outside my career field but in it.  I need to have additional training for the job.  Hopefully, the training will only be a couple of weeks.

I have a big event that I am planning in about 8 days.  April will be an interesting month.  A friend is throwing a birthday bash and I am going to Jeju Island again.  I am training with nunchucks and a staff for Taekwondo.  I hate nunchucks!

Today, I finally removed my eyelash extensions that I have been wearing for 1 1/2 years.  I loved having them.  People would always compliment me on my eyes.  I bought some Latisse last September during my trip to the states. I pray they will turn out even longer than my natural length.  What women do for beauty?! lol.  I never thought in a million years I would wear fake eyelashes.  But they really make you look awesome.  My brother has the most beautiful eyelashes.  I have no idea why men have longer lashes than women?

I am so looking forward to SA.  I have become a TV addict, namely an iTunes one.  The operational tempo here really sucks the life out of you.  When I lived in Japan, I couldn’t tell you what was on TV apart from Dancing with the Stars.  I have met some cool people here though.  I will be visiting one of my amigos who moved to Italy in July.  I can’t wait for the summer!  I’ve checked out some SA  meetups and housing.  I have one more old SA friend to contact…think she is out-of-town.

It is so cool that I named this year to find an awesome mate.  Even though I had some interesting prospects over the past four years, I love the SA and Austin single scene.


GI Jane


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