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April 10, 2011


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Yeah, there won’t be a government shut-down.  I did not even know it was possible to not pay the military.  The AF has been experiencing Reduction-in-Force and Selective Retirement Boards.  Just when I was about to power-up my laptop to halt my savings allotment so I can pay rent, the government craziness was over.  I tried to check my check on mypay and the website was still down.

I finally booked my Chicago trip.  Delta Skymiles is so dicey.   I was shopping for upgradable flights so I could use 12,000 miles to upgrade in class.  When I called Delta, the representative said that the flight from Chicago to Ft Lauderdale was $880 dollars!  What is the point of having miles when the upgradable flight costs $300 more than a Delta first class ticket on Expedia?  I called Delta back and found someone who knows what they are doing.  Expedia was a bit misleading, the flight was half first-class and half coach.  I ended up getting an upgrade for $74!  Very happy about that.  I swear calling Delta takes years out of your life.  I also had to change my tickets for Italy because my friend said he lived 5 hours from Rome.

Anywho,  I have a big event tomorrow morning.  We had a good rehearsal on Friday…just hope it does not rain.  The weather forecast is not exactly lining up with what is happening locally.  I decided not to get a canopy since we have so much to set-up already.

Great stories from interwebs…

I like this guy:

  • Dane Lacey, 49, a radiologist from San Diego, has saved nearly $1.4 million for retirement in eight years by living below his means.

Did you always have a goal to front-load your savings? Yes. I want to retire when I am still young enough to travel, hike and body surf. It was a race for me to put a large amount away so that I could enjoy it. I knew that if I got it in early, it could grow.

Read more:

  • This other guy is admirable since he has an average salary, but with terrible eating habits.


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