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May 4, 2011

Hey Big Spender!

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Just got back from Jeju Island.  It was a good trip…glad to be back in my bed.  Wow, Osama Bin Laden is dead.  Congratulations to the Navy Seal team for a tremendous job! 

 I should be getting my orders soon for San Antonio.  I am buying up a storm in preparation for my move.  I am still drooling over a bedroom suite that I have been eyeing since last year.  My bank account took a beating after buying up a storm at a furniture auction.  I bought this beautiful 100% silk Oriental carpet for $1,400.  I also bought a $140 Tiffany lamp that ended up with a crack on it already (very annoyed).  Lastly, I purchased a lacquer/mother of pearl trunk/chest of drawers, a leather window seat and a porcelain wine cooler.  I will upload pictures later.  The bedroom suite I want will probably cost about $2,500.

I still need to sell my car.  I am thinking I should post a “for sale” sign by next week.  I bought it for $1,300 in 2009.  I think I will sell it at $1100 or $1200.  It would be cool to sell it before I leave.  It would offset the costs for my upcoming vacation.  The only thing left to spend on that is a rental car in Chicago.  It seems like the rental car prices are knocked down lower the closer you get to needing it.  I refuse to pay $64 a day.  I have a $100 Hertz gift certificate, but it is useless on Hotwire.  Sorry, I used my points for something that if I used it would cost me more money than if I didn’t use it. Uggh!

GI Jane


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