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July 10, 2016


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Since I haven’t written in six months, it is time for an update.  I sold my condo in Feb-Mar timeframe, hoo-rah!  Thank heavens I had the $15,000 cushion from the Cincinnati Development Fund or it would have been a repeat of 2008.  I still lost money from paying the rent on it from Nov-Mar, so I have learned a very expensive lesson.  I am paying a king’s ransom for my apartment in Virginia though.


My job is very interesting and challenging.  I like my boss and co-workers.  I have one more course left in Air War College.  I am feeling kind of stuck, so I  need to get over it and finish the program.  I may go to a Congressional Operations seminar at Georgetown in September.



I have $5,520 left on my car loan and only paid $104 in interest all year. I have been making  double payments even though I can pay it off now.

Rental mortgage is $80,845.  My goal is to resume making double payments using the VW money once my car is paid off.  I get approximately $1,200 in rental income every month.  USAA recently paid $7,508 for a new roof.  I love my rental property.

Total: $86,365


OPM is holding about $9-$10,000 in my military deposit.  I cannot get it back until I retire from the federal government.  I am in Leave Without Pay Status at the moment. I am looking forward to using my 120 hours military leave once it is loaded in the system in October.

Emergency savings: $3,748.65.  I’m adding $700 per month into this account.  I may reconfigure the automatic deposits after I deposit $6,000 in checks that are in my drawer. I have no idea why I haven’t deposited them yet.

Savings: $50,318.60

Roth IRA: $103,229.59.  My friend said she lost money from 2008 in her Roth and hardly has anything in it, which I found odd. I have been faithful to the Roth since 1999.

Roth TSP/regular TSP-Military: $166,880.15.  I have contributed $10,171.11 year to date.  $8,000 more to go until it is maxed out.  A general told me he set-up his contributions in C and hasn’t looked at it during his whole career.

TSP-Civilian: $107,211.78

Total: $446,389.




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