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December 4, 2010

Random updates

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Just survived the craziness of last week’s attack on Yeonpyeong Island from KJI.  I had a Thanksgiving get together that went well.  I couldn’t serve alcohol because we were under General Order #1 as soon as the hostilities began.  It was finally lifted on Thursday.  My cornbread casserole was a hit!  I plan on making it again tonight.  No point in only eating it once a year.

I did all of my shopping during black Friday online.  I bought gifts for my parents, sister and two girlfriends for $300!  Glad to have that done.  The only thing left is to send my brother cash for his gift.

I passed my black belt test today!  I broke the board with my back kick in one try.  I can’t wait to wear it on Monday.  My name will be embroidered on it in Hangul.  It really is a cool looking belt.

Dec networth:

House downpayment: $12, 614.33

Roth: $50,669.91

Savings (car, emergency fund and vacation): $12,101.28

Cash: $2545.32

TSP: $74,154.09

Credit card: $286.95

Total: $151,797.98

That is all.  Happy Holidays!


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