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August 16, 2009

New purchases

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I finally bought a step tansu.  I have been wanting one for a couple of years.  So glad I waited!  It was originally listed for $1450 and haggled him down to $850.  The antique cabinet was $400 and end table $240.  All I need is one or two small pieces and I am set.

GI Jane


August 8, 2009

Networth update

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Roth IRA: $36,367

Thrift Savings Plan:  $38,785

I-Bonds: $530

Checking:  $9724

Total: $85,406

*I do not include equity from my rental or paid off cars.

I also created an Emergency Fund in ING with a monthly $500 automatic withdrawal.  I cannot wait to see my total reach $100,000. 

GI Jane

August 2, 2009

Gird your loins

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 My vice commander said to the staff, “gird your loins,” and he was not kidding.  Several hours ago, my counterpart told me that someone leaked information we were planning on releasing in a couple of day to the press today.  Since I do not have a Blackberry, I had to drive into work to email my boss.  I was afraid of a leak–but do not want it to force my hand hastily…we will see what the big boss says.

On another note, I discovered in the zone promotion board meets in March.  That freaked me out a little bit; I was expecting it to be in June.  I have done all I can do apart from doing a good job here, since just arriving two weeks ago.  I asked my last boss to try a get me a stratification in my report.  I had been stratified in Japan, but not in my reports (sideway glance).  I need it in my reports, gosh darnnit.  It closes out in late August, so I get to see what the higher powers may be soon.  He actually balked saying that I have been stratified enough.  Ain’t that a bitch? Thankfully, or I would be up a creek right about now.  At least I asked the question…you can’t be too timid in seeking things that can make you competitive, especially with my board right around the corner.  I have had friends and met people who were passed over.  Not fun.  So, next summer will be full of suspense–I think I will be in good shape regardless, just can’t take things for granted.  Inshallah.

Well, I am excited at fully restarting my retirement savings.  It is neat to see people’s networth in the blogosphere.  I want to be at or nearer to a networth of $100,000 (without counting my rental equity) by early 2010.  I am about $17,000 away from that now.  I have never had so much in my checking account without it being obligated out to payments in my life.  I am even inspired to teach Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace at the base church (0nce I start going :).  I have read a lot of criticism about Ramsey about being a snake oil salesman.  His sales pitch did turn me off over the years of me listening to him every morning while getting ready for work.  But, when it was time to sell my house in the worst market we have ever seen in years, his teaching totally coached me through in deciding and getting rid of my house.  I am not carrying around envelopes or completely abandoned credit cards (not yet).  I pay my balances in full every few days.  However, the balances are getting smaller and smaller while I move to more of a cash only basis.  Cash is king, baby!  I love a quote that I heard from him today on my podcast while he read a letter that said, (as I paraphrase) “I don’t feel the recession, I want to empty my emergency fund, finance a car and run up my credit cards… (Dave injected) don’t be part of the herd, be a lone wolf–live like no one else, so you can live like no one else.”  Amen, brother.

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