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April 25, 2010

Vacation Time

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I am finally on vacation for a week.  I could not wait for this time off.  Tomorrow, I am heading to Jeju Island with about 26 people for a two-day trip.  The best part about it is that it is free!  I have spent a lot this month for some strange reason.  I purchased a $1400 screen that I wanted since living in Asia.  I also bought the new Ipad!  I never buy any electronics when they first come out.  However, I have been looking to update my computer equipment for a while.  I use my HP laptop to surf the web  95% of the time.  I consider myself low tech and never use stuff to its highest potential.  My Itouch has few apps and it suits me just fine.  I was tired of my overheated and heavy HP laptop. I am afraid it will die on me any minute–think it needs a new battery.  But, I would rather conserve the HP for wordprocessing and powerpoint needs instead of burning it out to surf the web.  Plus, I am an internet junkie.  I do plan on depriving myself of the internet while in Jeju.

I will update my budget when I come back.


GI Jane


April 7, 2010

Networth update

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Cash: $21,873

TSP: $58,509

Roth: $44,597

Total: $124,979

Home: $165,000

Mortgage: $110,019

Balance: $54,981

Overall networth: $179,960

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