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March 18, 2011

Calamity in Asia

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I feel sad for Japan!  I know Japanese people are very resilient, self-reliant and disciplined.  The tsunami and earthquake footage is so unbelievable.  We are monitoring the situation in Japan, especially the nuclear scare.  Thankfully, when I called my old office, the Japanese Nationals I used to work with told me that their families are doing fine. 

I am looking forward to moving back to San Antonio.  Last night, I checked out some of the meetups that I may be interested in joining.  I must get back into dancing as soon as I settle down in SA.  I decided to visit Italy, Chicago and Florida before getting to Texas.  Tentatively, I booked my flight for 18-23 July to Rome.  Not sure how long I will stay in Chicago…maybe 4 days?  I will then fly to Florida (where my car is), visit my relatives for a couple of days and drive to San Antonio.  Can’t wait.

I am still lusting after a bedroom suite and a couple of other items.  I will get reimbursed for my plane ticket home, plus receive a dislocation allowance to cover first/last month’s rent.  It will be a money drain when I move. 

Pray for Japan…what a terrible event!

GI Jane


March 7, 2011

Big money purchases…not for me

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I had a very low-key weekend.  I finally watched “the Fighter” and loved it!  Watched it twice.  I love movies that depict struggles and redemption.  Christian Bale so completely deserved the Oscar.  I was like this guy is from England?  I totally believed him as the boxer Dick Eklund.  I also remembered the HBO documentary “Crack in America” that showed Eklund during his crack addiction.  What an amazing movie!  Mark Wahlberg did a good job as well.  Maria Leos also deserved that Oscar.  I felt it was completely authentic.  I also like the “class”  juxtaposition of the King’s Speech and the Fighter during the Oscar runoff.  The Fighter touched me more than King’s Speech.  Even though my brother had a stuttering problem, Colin Firth deserved win, the fantastic performance of Geoffrey Rush and wonderful historical reenactments, the Fighter is the one I relate to the most due to my working class roots.

Speaking of working class, my friend from Italy requested I purchase ski suits for his whole family.  Initially, I thought it was only for him and his wife at $80 a piece.  Then he wrote me that he wanted suits for hs whole family without even sending me a check in advance.  I was pretty livid about the idea that my money should be siphoned by someone who played the “friend” card on me. 

 He said:  “You save $4k a month, it should be no problem for you.”

Me: “I save not spend $4k a month!  Do you think I should break my mutual fund to pay for your suits?  I owe the IRS $959!  I have bills of my own…why do you think I am just waiting for an opportunity to spend huge amounts of money on other people?  I have my nail appointment this weekend, dude.  I can only take out $500 out at time.”

After trying to find nice $80 ski suits, we realized that he will have to pay more than $80 for quality, even in Korea.  I had to make three trips to the ATM.  He also wanted his glasses updated and repaired which costed $80.  In the end, I spent $600 for ski suits out-of-pocket, in cash–not on a credit card.  If you pay by credit card, it is an additional 2% surcharge.  I do not personally know of anyone who can front $700 in cash to purchase stuff.  It kind of took me aback that someone would impose on someone like that in a non-emergency.  I know he is “good” for it, but after waiting 6 months for my $320 last fall, I hate doing this type of arrangement.  Plus, I owe the government for the second time in my life!  And I am preparing for my move this summer with stuff on my shopping list to buy before I leave.    Just because I am single does not mean I do not have expenses and upkeep.  Just because I choose to save does not mean you can impose on me monetarily either.  I now know why my mother told me to not talk to people about my finances.  It is like people note what you have in the back of their mind and then make designs on your money.  I have never asked anyone to cover for me unless we are out to dinner or lunch and I realize I need to go to the ATM.  But I rather not make the immediate detour to the ATM and will wait until we are finished eating.  No one has ever had to wait for more than a couple of hours to be reimbursed. 

I can’t even imagine asking someone to purchase anything for me past $30 without sending any money.  I got over it and mailed the package off today.  I hope they like it anyway, he trusted my taste with a big purchase.  I pray the sizes are correct. Gosh, I felt like a professional shopper.  They were hooked up!

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